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This is a SABRA LA TAU ALLEN WALKER PRIMER. Which I figured would be helpful since now Thusia is the proud momma of Allen Walker TWINS.

This one is the BAD TWIN. (As... as bad as an Allen Walker gets.) Obviously the app goes into all the details if you're super curious, but here are the BASICS.




+ This Allen is all hopped up on recovered amnesia and deathcave. Everyone in Sabra la Tau was put into color-coded teams and forced to play games, good and murderous, to keep the Gods of the planet alive. The planet was dying and absorbing people for eternity until his group disrupted the cycle. He has a severe dose of HARD KNOCK LIFE and classic shounen NEVER GIVE UP.

+ After he lost all his memories he had to re-acclimate who he would become, building again from a suspicious street brat, slowly re-gaining why his eye hurt, why he saw spirits chained to some people, who Mana was, who he was. His current self is similar to who he was at his core, kind, merciful yet ruthless, incredibly loyal and determined, but that mask of politeness he once valued was never really rebuilt. In many interpersonal ways, as he's grown up with a group of friends and close-knit "family," he is actually quite genuinely sociable, if a lot more rude/blunt. Because GOOD JOB D. GRAY-MAN, YOU ARE WORSE THAN AN AMNESIA MURDERCAVE. On the other hand, he is much more violent and paranoid.

+ He is no longer cursed. AKA he has no soul-seeing powers anymore. YEAAAA

+ He curses a LOT more and is WAY more rude not just because of his unestablished manamask, but also because he hung out with the psycho teenager team all the time.

+ He is more of a "normal" Noah. The absolute divide between himself and Fourteenth is gone, and Allen occasionally gets twitchy urges to kill humanity. He basically drowns it out because he's Allen goddamn Walker. When he is very wounded, weak or exhausted, he shifts to black mode! He can also shift to black mode consciously, usually as a sort of "smoke a little to get rid of the CRAZY URGE to smoke a PACK" thing.

+ On that note, Neah has ALSO had an amnesia problem 8T

+ He will just sort of avoid mirrors out of habit. It is sort of a paranoia phobia.
It is... it is very long

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